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Oct 24, 2012 12:00pm EDT
? >> as soon as they have teeth in their mouth to get them used to going in and getting used to going to the dentist. in the beginning we don't do much for a 2-year-old but they've got all their teeth. they get used to going to the dentist, get a toy. it starts good habits for the rest of their lives. >> you can have candy for halloween. just don't eat all of it at one time. >> don't have it all day long or 30 days every hour one piece of candy. >> dr. alex, we'll keep those tips in mind. >>> now let's go to howard and get a forecast. >> dr. alex has me chewing the gum with the xylitol which is good for neutralizing the acids in your mouth. it's been a nice morning. we started in the 50s and 60s. we'll be about 80. high today about 81 with a mix of sun and clouds. at times it may seem mostly cloudy, other times mostly sunny. these are high clouds take will not produce any showers. this evening if you have plans, light wind. 7:00 p.m. 74. and by 9:00 still about 70. this may be one of the last really good evenings we have before some cooler air moves in and we could get rather unsettle
Oct 23, 2012 12:30pm PDT
needed people trained and retrained in skills. we needed them to say "you're going to help us build the community". not that we will build it for you if you can afford it and then come back. that's years past. we learned from those mistakes and invested in people first and that's what the grants recognize and that's how the city is going about doing t i am very proud. i am very proud because -- you know, busty posy hit a grand slam and we all celebrate that and i'm going to use baseball analogies all along and these grants don't win the series or the whole ball game but they are important building blocks of steps of confidence that involve the people. the next people up at bat are the people themselves and you're going to get trained in the people that we need. you're going to help us create better schools with our school district because that is part of the neighborhood. better transportation systems. small businesses that have all of the streets we're rebuilding and the old redevelopment and the successor agency called office of community investment and infrastructure. they
Oct 22, 2012 7:30pm PDT
biz and others to develop an app that everyone can use. that's a great challenge. that's going to be so worthy of contributing to a goal that we've had about reducing our carbon footprint as a city. it's not just the households. once we get that data out we could look at the data from a level and look at e data from a citywide level to see what we can do. i'm encouraged by that. i didn't want to give my data up to pg&e for various reasons. now iú] want to give it up for this challenge because i know people will be creative in having thisçe challenge to be something positive for the city. i wanted to announce that, get that out there with you, and join this wonderful challenge that you have, and think about how we could work together. meanwhile, in between that stuff and in between celebrating the month and doing things we have to write a proposal to win the superbowl in san francisco. thank you very much. thank you. >> [applause.] >> thank you, mayor lee. >> . >> okay. mr. mayor good morning everyone. i am mr. alva residence and the director of the housing aut
Oct 23, 2012 8:30pm PDT
that initiative forward. mayor lee -- i also have the director of hud here and he is going to lead us and then we will have mayor lee up in a moment. >> thank you very much and it really is a privilege to be here with you today and to build on henry's comments and it's extraordinary that the grants across the country that were awarded to hud two of them are in the same state and it's more extraordinary that both of them are in the same city, san francisco so congratulations. [cheers and applause] so for context i just want to mention a few things and this is no news to all of you here in the room and the people standing up with me today, but today in america more than 10 million people are living in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty and limited investment and opportunities for themselves and their children, and we know that one of the most important factors in determining the economic and financial success of peoples whether or not a child grows up in those high poverty neighborhoods? a. the fact that we can predict health, education outcomes of children based on the zip code, where they live
Oct 29, 2012 12:00am PDT
to the coast guard. they looked at another agency that could grant it to the port directly and let us go out to bud. and after nine months, nobody wanted it. * bid we were fortunate to find a partner in the end in the united states navy. the salvage aerv of the navy which sits in naval sea systems command. it may be referred to in the staff report sue salve, supervisor for all salvage operations of the navy. the navy, then, in order to execute these funds has a previously competitively bid contract with titan salvage for all salvage work on the west coast of the americas. that has been titan to salvage. nav sea has worked with options for how to get it done and where it goes subcontract wise. phase 1, the part all the other options have in common goes with the sections removed this way [speaker not understood]. the previous slides illustrated. phases 2 and 3 get a bit more complicated because we have the option of trying to keep some continuity of contracting and just jump onto the navy's general type salvage and let them work with all the subcontractors. that brings with it some pass throu
Oct 29, 2012 5:30am PDT
the struggle to make sure that the site that used to be filbert street where i used to go and do educational programs as a young lawyer and teach people about the warranty of hapbtability and keep people struggling to live in their low income units and how to demand more from our government and how to do it without getting evicted, that happened at that site. but guess what? we outgrew it. that's a good story. when you outgrow the old building you know more people value our community college and our city college. so it is my pleasure to make sure that we're here on this opening day but also to make sure you know that we, working to the, not just the mayor, but the mayor working with all the elected officials and the board of supervisors join together with the trustees to guarantee city college will be us for many, many generations in the future for all of us. we will work together to make sure that gets done. (applause). and we're not just going to do it in the form of proclamations as this opportunity gives us. we're going it also do it with the way we think. so today it's my pleasure
Oct 27, 2012 10:30pm PDT
the art of argument and trial law. he used to go to the courts nearby to watch very high profile trials and legendary judges and litigators. while he spent lots of times on the hastings campus, whether in library or out on what is called the beach in front of the school, he also liked to get off-campus and would often go for a run across golden gate bridge or play racquet ball or tennis on russian hill. at hastings there were a number of things that made him stand out. it was clear he had a strong desire to work in the national arena and middle east. he often spoke about his time in morocco. he had already started the process of applying for foreign service and reading books about american diplomats. i still remember him reading memoirs of george cannon, one of our most famous diplomats and reading publications like foreign affairs magazines. as a summer associate in a washington office he was tasked to go to yale law school and talk about his experiences in the middle east. his mother received post card from chris saying, hi, everybody. i'm here at yale law school giving a lecture on m
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
me, cabinet room. he came to testify and tell us how we were going to end the war. he spoke and spoke -- he did not say anything and everybody thanked him. your father, by this time, was kind of fed up. we have a committee meeting and -- i said, he did not say anything. i said, we should have the president come up and tell us. [laughter] i am going to tell the president i will never forget jack called down and arranged that afternoon for us to go down in the president, gerald ford, kissinger, and the whole team. as we were walking in, your father turned to me and said, i like you. [laughter] [applause] i'll never forget. the irony is i am taking too much of your time. i apologize. the irony is the chair i sit in now as vice president is the chair directly across from the president. in the middle of the conference table, facing inward, and i face in the middle. based on seniority, you can see -- get seated as you attend the cabinet meeting. the most junior member sits where the vice president says, so i was sitting there. >> i will never forget how nervous i was. i said, sure if the pr
Oct 27, 2012 8:00pm PDT
and fans. >> the giants could be out of town but these fans are cheering them home. >> let us go giants! >> oh my gosh!! >> the giants fever is still on high. the san francisco team has an amazing following. >> we got through with to were remarkable games and now to more. the analysts are going to have to bury a hole in the sand because they do not even know how this is going to turn out. >> there were on the edge of their seat. >> this is brilliant! >> they've been cheering the game. >> i needed this to be a sweet because it has just been so much work. i am not getting any sleep or any work done. >> go giants this is just so exciting! >> some wanted to see them to knock out the competition out of the park. whether or not the detroit tigers will have a victory or not addiction in the end san francisco will take it all. >> the last time a team came down was 1981. that was 31 years. the giants are doing it. >> let us go giants! >> in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> from san francisco we go to the east bay as kron 4 is showing that phillipe djegal is also in the veins of people throughout t
Oct 5, 2012 12:00am PDT
for theechlts police chief offers some advice. >> if you are going to use your cell phone and having lunch or dinner or sandwich use it in the restaurant. put tonight your pocket. just lick you would your wallet. wouldn't walk around with your wallet and cash out don't do it with 3 to 500 dollar piece of electronic equipment. >> police really want everyone to have a good time but they say if something does happen call 911 right away and be a good witness. try to remember the person who came up to you and try to recall anything that might make them stick out from the crowd so police can find them. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. now because of the convergence of fleet week and america's cup world series it's a weekend of congestion on the streets of san francisco to be sure. warning signs began flash thanksgiving morning along the embarcadero advising draivrs of street closure and detour throughout the north end of the city. the golden gate bridge district today said it will be running extra buses and ferry and bart extra trains too. san francisco likely points of
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
had it in us. we're going to continue to work hard. this off season is going to be great and we're going to be ready next year. >> reporter: also in the clubhouse, pier anglos the owner of the orioles. >> he gave a warning to the yankees. >> for a long time you ladies and gentleman have stressed frequently there was talk about a with respect with to how we produced on behalf of the fans. i hope this is an indication that we mean business and in the future you can depend on this kind of a performance and hopefully much better. as far as the local team here is concerned, i just want to tell them we'll be back next year. they better get ready for us. >> reporter: a lot of young talent on this team. we talked to the fans after the game. >> unbelievable year. the best year of my life. i was born in '93. i don't remember '97. i bare ly ly remember cal. best year ever. >> if you said this in april or may i would have laughed at you. they played over their heads all year. they pushed the right buttons and got the most out of the rooster. >> we're going to be back. we'll be back next yea
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
for this friday for the nikkei and the topix. both a trading high. the u.s. is going to release its main jobs numbers later today, friday. china markets have been mostly closed this week. they're going to reopen on monday which is a public holiday here in japan. we'll get the effect on tuesday here. with the euro gaining over the last couple of days, investors may be flocking to key exporters. we did see a bit of that yesterday playing into the market. we'll sfee thee in that continu today. les look at the currency levels. dollar/yen at 78.48. have a look at the euro/yen 102.19. 19 to 24. the euro maintaining strength. >> you talked about stocks and currency. let's talk about commodities. >> quite a move in oil. we saw the crude oil prices on thursday popping higher by about 4%. that's concerns about turkish oil pipeline constructions as violence in syria pours over into turkey. a bit of concern there. back to you. >>> thank you. that's all for now. here is a look at some key economic numbers in the asia pacific. >>> japan's nuclear investigation authority is looking into investigating a faul
FOX Business
Oct 7, 2012 2:30am EDT
us is going un. and why doesn't government get back to what it is supposed to do instead of infringing on rights >> things have change would. we have a great recession not the great depression but it is darn closs and americans are saying they are fed up and want manage done and give me change from somewhere. >> they got that way because that's what happened. federal government got in the middle and changed it they are the people who are responsible for it. if you didn't have what dodd-frank repeated again. you wouldn't have monopolies and all of the things if the government was not in there. competition. if i had 15 people making a product and selling that product. best product would come out. two or three people doing it that doesn't happen and the federal government is the cause of all of this and not the solution. >> i totally agree. >> they are better off not doing something than doing something wrong. >> wayne, you said the constitution was written by people afraid of the government. they said we should have term limits and unfortunately that is where we are now. >>
Oct 26, 2012 2:00pm PDT
think both in opt in and opt out social media is going to be really helpful and i know we have used social media in relation to cleanpower sf but it hasn't been robust and i think there are ways of making it very useful and i think those are strategies that we can employ. >> thank you. we would be very open to spending a little time with our communication folks and yourselves and/or the staff to mind the good ideas you have to reach out to your communities. i refer to as reenrollment and the opt in concept and people can raise their hand "i'm interested" and let us know so that we include them in the first phrase of the roll out. >>i think the joint meeting would be great and especially on the subject of opting in and have discussion on that as well. >> yes. great. thank you. >> if i could just add because i think the success of the program is dependent upon the marketing so think it's important that is shared with the commission, and that we have some -- i mean we of participatory in the selection of the consultant and it has been great, but i think how we rollthis out is impor
Oct 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
center believes this will slowly weaken as it kind of parallels the u.s. coast here as we go through the weekend. sunday morning east of wilmington, north carolina. it's going to be a battering of wave action, some winds, rain along the coast. as we get into sunday night, monday, looks like it may start getting over toward us. here we are monday morning east of hatteras and elizabeth city. this is the concern beyond that. the turn to the northwest is what we're looking at. and the center of the potential path brings it over toward new jersey potentially as we get into tuesday ternoon, tuesday evening. so new york, long island would get that. we'de on the weaker side. we're still inthat cone of uncertainty. if this thing tracks a little farther west, a little farther southwest, that would up our threat potential. we're going to watch it. it's very close to comfort levels or noncomfort levels. we'll be tracking this for the rest of the week and the weekend with the very latest on every newscast and online. jc, back to you. >> thank you very much, huward. >>> sand -- howard. >>> sandy's
Oct 2, 2012 8:30am PDT
and put it towards bicycles. it is going to take us a little while. we're at 3.5%, and we could probably expect a 10%, 15% boost when we get our bike share. >> in the location where we do it. >> where we put it. >> so if there were city-wide, we would still only be at 13% or 18.5%, and we need to get to 20% of trips. i'm hoping that we have roadmap that is available or that's under discussion, or that's in the planning stages of how we're going to get to that 20%. we have transit lanes where they're okay for taxis. technically, it seems that bikes aren't supposed to be in that transit lane. and every time my husband goes to work he rides to work on mission street. it sounds like we may be leaving our cyclists in a legally transit position, by not specifically saying bikes are okay. it is totally unclear to me what the legal position of the city should be around those transit lanes. are taxis really allowed in them under the california vehicle code? could we legally allow bicycles in them under the california vehicle code. our rapid bus network doubled up on a lot of bike routes. i know w
Oct 24, 2012 12:30pm PDT
we all celebrate that and i'm going to use baseball analogies all along and these grants don't win the series or the whole ball game but they are important building blocks of steps of confidence that involve the people. the next people up at bat are the people themselves and you're going to get trained in the people that we need. you're going to help us create better schools with our school district because that is part of the neighborhood. better transportation systems. small businesses that have all of the streets we're rebuilding and the old redevelopment and the successor agency called office of community investment and infrastructure. they're succeeding. they're the ones there. they're going to use smart investment strategies with the communities to build businesses there. we learned. you just can't put poor people in housing and expect them to survive and succeed. that's not how we have done it. we have done it because we built communities and people can work in different economic spectrums and ethnicities and bringing people together and how do you figure out the be
Oct 29, 2012 8:30pm PDT
of vehicles. the cars will go where the members use them. so, members have access to the system throughout the whole district. >> so, if we took southeast d.c., for example, have you replaced a car in public housing? >>> again, the way our model works, we don't place vehicles. the vehicles will end up where the members use them. so, for those communities or those types of communities, if there's members in those communities that are using the vehicles the vehicles will naturally gravitate to the areas. >>> one of the things we have done in d.c. we have an agreement with the city we will keep a minimum number of vehicles -- >> i'm sorry, for the record state your name. >>> william [speaker not understood], chief operating officer. sorry for stepping in. but i am a little more familiar with how it works in d.c.. so, you mentioned 7 and 8, southeast d.c. we do have in the agreement that we would monitor and make sure that there are vehicles available there. and what we've found is that it's not something where we're having to force vehicles into the neighborhood. there are members that are us
Oct 26, 2012 6:30am EDT
, the eye on us as we go into sunday, monday, tuesday. we'll be feeling the impact. we go across the nation. it will be more powerful and this wind field will be larger as we go into the latter portion of the weekend. we have some crazy time. dangerous times and the next several days here and keep you prepared. look at sandy come in -- come in closer now. it will do so as we go through time. i'll talk about sandy and the impacts as we go through the next several days. we're dealing with accides. trouble in howard county. and at columbia road. then anne arundel county another accident that's right on route 295 along the southbound lanes. and if you are traveling in baltimore city, you will want to watch out for an accident. and that's going to be right. can you see pull this up. and it will be right at garrison boulevard. >> here at harford road. starting to pick up. 12 minutes now to travel from 95 up to 83. the jfx clear. 11 minutes southbound from 695 to fayette street. that's a look at traffic. over to you. >>> we have a disturbing case of animal abuse to tell you about. a dog with injur
Oct 26, 2012 3:00pm PDT
and reasons why i changed the language is primarily it was the language used in the city and since was to deal with san francisco and the discussion going on at the time i wanted to keeplet language the same to that discussion and why i had the definitions the way it was and he wanted changes made that were more traditional in nature. >> are you a academic or a card carrying member of a amdemmic institution? >> no. >> thank you. >> before we take any action is there any member of the public that would like to speak on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. mr. fried in terms of here, the lafco we can make the changes? >> yes, you can or if you don't want to. >> it's up to the commission. commissioner avalos. >> i don't feel strongly about makes changes. the report was complete. i am fine with the language and served our purpose here. if there are academics that want refer to the report they can use it in whateve setting they want. >> okay. >> seeing no other action let's proceed to item five. >> item five is executive's officer report. >> just for the record we of joined by comm
Oct 16, 2012 10:30am PDT
in us and going after the two grants and everyone thank you very much. it's our absolute pleasure. yay giants. yay 49ers, the commissioner is here as well and thank you for being here. i really appreciate it. test test test test test test test . >> i can also address some of the upcoming, there are a total of 4 procurements planned between this year and next to procure about 150 vehicles, so. >> there were a lot of questions. your first question had to do with the life of the vehicles. >> i think there was basically one que. the question was we purchased the vehicles in 2006, knowing they were originally manufactured in 93, the fta says there's a calculation that is 12 years. >> yes. >> in terms of the lifetime of the vehicle. we purchased them in 2006, how long did we expect them to last? >> that's a good question. we're actually dealing with this with a couple fleet procurements we're going to have upcoming. they are typically large procurement contracts and the vehicles come in a couple every year. a motor coach vehicle has a useful life for 12 years, a trolley coach has a usef
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
and the chilly temperatures will be plaguing us. not going to get a break for today. maryland's most powerful radar is dry, take the rain gear with you as you head out and about. if you can't get home, you will need it later. now let's talk about the temperatures, that's the story, it is chilly, big coat is needed. temperatures in the 30s this morning. 37 degrees in west friendsship. we are having the dew point at 37. we have patchy fog as well. 40 millersville with the dew point of 40. sykesville the same, temperature coming in at 39 degrees, the dew point of 38. here is reduced visibility across the area, 8 baltimore, 5 frederick, take it easy as you step out and about. the clouds on the increase and so will the rain chances. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> we are dealing with patchy fog. a good morning to turn on the low beams, slow down and be careful. a crash in harford county, on route 7, hidden stream drive. if you are traveling on 95 now, no tee lays from bel air to -- delays from bel air. 695, harford road, everything up to speed, looking at the typical 11
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
for all of you. we used to go out for karaoke, but he would sing and i would leave. this is a magnificent evening. we gather tonight in celebration of asian-pacific heritage month. we take a moment to reflect upon our past, to understand the heroic struggles, obstacles, hardships that so many people, including this evening's tremendous honor read, had to overcome. this is a very special place. norm gave me the good fortune of putting my feet to the marble in the halls of congress. we will give the opportunity to 20 interns this summer so that they can partake in the greatest democracy that has ever resided on this planet. this is also a tremendous significance as congressmen alluded to. this is the home were people left when i came to this country, when they had to leave the fields of california from farming. that applies to the filipinos and two others. they set foot in san francisco. a generation upon generation, of residence of san francisco had to endure the struggles and have made this city a very special place. i am very excited about the leadership that presides over san francisco
Oct 27, 2012 1:00pm EDT
now it's time for us to go. bye. turning a 20-foot wall into a canvas takes vision. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. >> "teen kids news" is about to get started, and here's what we've got for you. >> would you eat a bowl of cookies for breakfast? wait till you find out what could be in your cereal. >> we'll see how flowers, rocks, gold, and even bugs were used to make beautiful books. >> meet the people who make sure no teen gets priced out of the prom. >> while the movie "spider-man" may make you think more kindly of spiders, getting bitten by one is no fun. i'll tell you what you'll need to do. >> coming up, i'll show you the unusual way they celebrate the new year in the land of mozart -- vienna, austria. >> and there's lots more ahead, so stay with us. >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's this week's top story. >> you might think of it as a healthy way to start the day, but you could be eating a bowl full of trouble. tyler has the disturbing truth about some of our favorite cereals. >> i think it's ver
Oct 4, 2012 10:30pm PDT
. the same husbands who used to order us indoors when officials came to talk, now tell us to go out and interact with them. these groups are bringing down the barriers, hiking literacy rates. it is amazing to see what is going on around the world. we have our own challenges in the states. who would have thought that birth control would be the topic of discussion in the year 2012? right? [applause] then it would be dominated by middle-aged white man, for the most part. i was shocked when i saw the birth control hearing at which a religious man with no background were asked to testify. i do not really like to use his name, but i'm sure you are familiar with the comments of the radio host made. the democrats invited her to testify and her testimony focused on stories about women who take the tell -- pill for health reasons. she was not even talking about sex. this radio host made incendiary comments. i will not repeat them, because i do not want to stick to that level. -- stopp to that level. 41 corporations have pulled their advertisements from this radio show. [applause] i am in the
Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
change the fertility issue for many women. monat the francis spoke with some experts. he joins us live in san francisco, and i bet the authority issue here is going to be whether insurance will cover this for some women and not others. >> well, jessica, that is one of the questions. this is a cautious statement intended primarily for women who are about to undergo chemotherapy, but the implications are huge for a whole other group of women. freezing a woman's eggs have long considered to be experimental. the study led to the conclusion that women who used frozen, then that y thawed eggs are just as likely to get pregnant than the other ones. she said removing the experimental label and making it a routine philly procedure is most significant for women under the age of 35. >> especially in younger women, if they freeze their eggs, their apologetic clock. >> eggshurance.come. >> we spoke to bridget adams by skype tonight. their in. so was to have the possibility of having a child sometime in the future. >> adams fts 39. when on her sight, very pride to and we would have a traditional sai
Oct 5, 2012 11:00am PDT
'm not used to this craziness. >> reporter: sophia is going to try and see the air show and america's cup and squeeze in one other big event. >> of course the giants' game. my mom and i have season tickets, we are going friday for sure itch >> reporter: city officials are suggesting public transportation. the embarcadero is going to be the most conjested cars are not recommended. alex says he is going to stay away from people and watch it from the rooftop. >> we are not moving, we are not going to try to move. some friends are trying to leave here and get to the cal game that sounds like too big of a trek. just plant it on the roof and watch the angels. >> reporter: with the 49ers and giants playing, moving around is going to be a must for most. hardly strictly bluegrass alone attracts hundreds of thousands. the almost 90 acts this weekend this event is free there's a lot of fun out there this weekend. the talent is -- the challenge is just going to be getting to it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> as you mentioned there are half a dozen other special events this weekend. to find out how to
Oct 5, 2012 11:30am PDT
francisco. >> it is really busy. i'm amazed, i'm not used to this craziness. >> reporter: sophia is going to try and see the air show and america's cup and squeeze in one other big event. >> of course the giants' game. my mom and i have season tickets, we are going friday for sure itch >> reporter: city officials are suggesting public transportation. the embarcadero is going to be the most conjested cars are not recommended. alex says he is going to stay away from people and watch it from the rooftop. >> we are not moving, we are not going to try to move. some friends are trying to leave here and get to the cal game that sounds like too big of a trek. just plant it on the roof and watch the angels. >> reporter: with the 49ers and giants playing, moving around is going to be a must for most. hardly strictly bluegrass alone attracts ndreds of thound thelmos 90 ts this ekendhisventis ee ere's lotf fn ou tre is weeken the talent is -- the challenge is just going to be getting to hollyfield, abc7 news. >> as you mentioned there are half a dozen other special events this weekend. to find out ho
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. ed rapoport, thank you for joining us tonight. let's go back to the shore. has it changed throughout the day? is this the most intense time right now? >> reporter: it's been pretty sporadic. the winds have calmed down because we're on the backside of the storm. as it moves northwest, we're catching the backside. that's not the main concern for the governor. you heard ed rapoport talk about the tides. high tide is now. it will be the midnight hour and going through the early morning hours that those are the areas of his main concern at this point. he's very fearful that as the tides start rolling in, it's going to inundate the coastal areas. all through the day, this area has taken on water. some roads are impassable. >> where are the people? have they heeded the warnings? have they departed? or are they hanging in there trying to fight through this thing? >> reporter: it's basically a ghost town. this is a popular destination spot during the summer. but during the halloween time, they have a large festival. this place a couple days ago 70,000 people running around here. this boardwal
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. but not immediately. here is a look at water vapor watching this hot air mass that is over us. it's going to sit here for one more day. and we'll see this area of low pressure will work towards the coast and start to see temperatures trending lower beginning wednesday. tomorrow morning fog stayed well off the coastline. heats up quickly. mild to warm start to morning and then going to be another hot one inland. 90s inland and 90 -- 70s near the beaches. hang on to sun screen, wednesday, fog appearing, sea breeze and that will cool you off beginning on wednesday. tomorrow morning mild and inland areas into mid to upper 60s in spots. coastal areas mid to upper 50s, fog getting close, temperatures still hot into south bay. 96 in campbell. there is 92 degrees for palo alto. there is a nice warm day again downtown san francisco if you like it that way. 85 degrees, there is north bay we go hot, middle 90s for santa rosa and napa. novato, east bay communities 90s in oakland. there is where you're going feel the heat inland. there is danville, 100 degrees, 80s in monterey. there is the forecast for america's
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
up, not as much as it used to go up. >> it is trickier and trickier. paul singer, thank you for your insight. we will need it again and i'm sure. >> yes, call me any time, come by the office. >> yes, we will come back and vice president, of course, they are in danville, kentucky next week, we'll talk to you then. >> we'll be doing it again, thank you. >>> police in fairfax county, they are searching for a woodson high school senior who has been missing since monday. and officers, they were back out this afternoon, canvassing the area around face park in fairfax. that is where brian glenn's car was found parked on tuesday morning. kristin fisher sat down with his parents at their home this morning. >> it was not until after football practice that they became concerned. >> reporter: that was monday evening. and mike glenn has been searching for his son ever since. 17-year-old brian glenn, a senior ated woodson high school -- at woodson high school. >> it's difficult, it is really tough. we don't have enough leads to develop the opinion on the likely outcome here. >> reporter: he was la
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. it was a lot of fun for us to go out there and win the game the way we did. >> someone who did not thrive under pressure was billy pandit. he missed three field-goal attempts before making the 41- charter that won the game. even if it was not pretty, a win is a win. makes all the difference in the locker room. >> it gave us momentum, confidence and mapsthat losing out of the atmosphere. it is always good to have a win. >> they held their media day to day. john wallace out eight weeks with a knee injury, but all the players were out there today. the wizards begin training camp tomorrow. the team and coaches really want to improve on last season. they are optimistic, and so is wall that he will come back and be just fine. >> i think they can win a lot of games without me. i will be with my teammates and do what they need to to be able to come back. >> the big story tonight nationals-phillies. this is huge. they could win the nl east 29. we will have all the coverage at 11:00. >> [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the ne
Oct 24, 2012 5:30am EDT
know it has an escort van that students can use when going to and from campus buildings. police say a student was leaving the campus library early monday morning to walk back to her dorm when man with a knife sexually assaulted her. police have a vague description of the suspect. a university wide e-mail was sent to students to alert them about what happened. students say it's unsettling knowing that one of their classmates was assaulted on campus and the suspect is still out there. >> i think it's unsettling because it's not common on our campus, and i think students generally feel very safe. >> reporter: so you can expect to see more security here on campus at notre dame and loyola university which is right across the street. again, the suspect is still out there and police only have a vague description. live in north baltimore linda so, abc2 news. >>> 5:32. don't text and drive. noid at new message but it's certainly hard to -- it's not a new message but it's certainly hard to get it across. a car willup to a virtual game that shows how hard it is to text and drive at the same ti
Oct 12, 2012 9:30am PDT
could use good hack -- >> go to "right this minute" and watch this over and over again, dude. >>> next up, number six. two videos. this first one is at a store. you see several counters. this counter seems to have jewelry in it. >> yeah. >> enter the thief. >> oh, boy. >> breaks the glass and starts stuffing the jewelry and whatever he finds in there into his bag. 15 seconds later, he is gone. >> doesn't say anything. no weapon. >> no. >> no note. nothing. >> just like -- >> walks in like he owns the place rcht don't mind me. i'm just going to steal this stuff and be outta here before you know it. >> was that a little boy coming to the rescue, watch. >> someone's got to do something. no one else is helping out here. >> that is a kid. you're right. >> this guy didn't waste any time. walked right in, broke the case, took the stuff and got out of there. >> echo friendly. he brought his own bag. >> true. >> it looks like a reusable. >> on a freeway, you see damagecam video that catches a crash or an accident or something up ahead. >> right. >> but this time it's the driver with the damagec
Oct 12, 2012 2:30pm EDT
buy benson, the lab, not the actor. robbie. reik r like robbie, come get us? >> robbie's going against the stream here. get outta here! >> these guys -- in his mouthli shore. >> incredible. >> good boy, robbie! bring them home. >> i have a feeling robbie's been trained to pull stuff, but even so, the other dogs, why are we out here on this boat doing this? >> because robbie came to rescue them. >>> got another rescue to tell you about. this is black rock billy. this is his death defying leap. the search and rescue had to come rescue this billy goat, because look at him. for four days he was stuck there. >> he's a mountain goat. he doesn't need rescuing. that's where they live. their habitat. >> i don't know if that's a mountain goat. that looks like a billy goat. look, the beard. they take three hours to rappel and get the goat. then watch what happens. >> oh! [ applause ] >> got to be the dumbest thing i've ever seen. of course the goat's not stuck. that's what they do. like trying to rescue a bird from a tree. >> i agree. w watching, enjoying the show watching these dummies rescue hi
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